On the 11th Day of November My Studio Gave To Me…. Less Days to Build.


This is the sound of the clock running down to the Citizen Architect showing in Canon Park on the 18th of November.  Which also means we are running out of time to get the movie screen up and ready for the showing.  All of Studio V is running wild trying to get everything set for the building of the structure, which should start within the next few days.  Pray we have no major issues in construction or in the unfolding of the arms.  If we have issues, we only have a few days to fix the problems before we have to show the movie.

Today in studio Ben, Mike, and Jim went to pick up hinge and connector materials for the movie screen as well as the trailer.  The rest of Studio V spent time getting the glued arms ready for construction.  Ryan and Jim began to drill holes into the washers that should give us a low friction surface between the arms, as well as drilled holes and marked the arc beams that comprise the vertical arms of the structure.

The “Golf Club” arms also had the necessary holes drilled into them as well a good sanding to smooth out many of the flaws created by the band saw.  I spent the majority of my day today sanding down the arc and golf club arms so that the drilling process could begin.  With these things taken care of we can now hopefully begin to assemble these pieces once the base pieces at JMO are finished.  Between sucking down inappropriate amounts of sawdust from sanding the different arms I helped Ben with issues that we had with the Trailer.

A piece of the trailer frame was bowed and created a dip.  Needing the trailer frame to be as level as possible, this had to be fixed.  Ben decided to cut out a section of the dipping framework and replaced it with a fresh piece of steel, which he then welding back into place.  With the frame of the trailer being completely finished we are able to now start with attaching the trailer hitch connector and the triangular pieces to the front of the trailer.  Connecting the axles and tires is also on the trailer menu of things to finish before the 18th.

I have not heard any information on the progress that was made at JMO tonight but I hope tomorrow there will be good news that the base pieces, key connector, and legs are closed to finished and will be ready for assembly shortly.  The faster we can start building, the more time we have to fix any issues that I am sure we will run into.  Which still isn’t much time.  Its past crunch time.  It’s crunch crunch time.  We have to crunch the crunch to get this project done on time.  Studio V cannot afford to not have this done on time.  However, I feel confident that everyone knows what needs to be done and is and I believe the push will be a strong one.  Wish us luck.

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