Prepping for the first full scale erection

So we’ve been diligently working between the jail and jmo cutting out all the members of the structure. We’ve only a couple base pieces to finish before we can assemble them and the legs are glued up and ready to be finish sanded this morning by Niezer, Gyllenhaal, and lil niezy. The joints of the base pieces (where they will meet in the middle) were more difficult to cut out than we anticipated but were done so with incredible precision, and maybe a little contempt, by professor Pastre. See images below!

We have also drilled the hinge holes in all the arm members and affixed them with stainless steel hardware which will last a long time. This material decision was correctly made as we decided that electroplated or hot dipped galvanic steel would certainly rust and freeze up our hinge joints within weeks in the salty coastal environment. That would not be a very sustainable of us, and we all know the most sustainable thing you can do is build something that lasts forever.

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