Ironing out (and sanding out) the kinks before the BIG DAY

We spent today at JMO primarily focusing on the “little things,” which if not perfected, could become BIG problems later on. I personally spent the day glued to an orbital sander making sure all our arms and legs were perfectly smooth and would fit together without a problem. I have a feeling I’m going to wake up pretttttttty sore, sadly. Other students dealt with issues such as making sure all our drilled holes would line up, making sure grooves lined up, routing edges, chiseling corners square, and fitting hardware. While we didn’t produce anything of substance more that we had before really, I feel as though we got a lot done… a lot of VERY important things that will probably serve the purpose of saving our butts in the long run.

With the week (singular) having turned into days, we are realizing how important it actually is that no time is wasted and that we use all the time we have, even if it means our whole weekend is spent at JMO. Even little Otto was a trooper tonight and came out to JMO with his daddy to help with the cause. We’re starting to realize just how precious time is. I have a feeling that a lot of us are going to be making sacrifices and skipping out on a lot of classes and socialization this week to pull this thing together in time for Thursday. It’s been frustrating lately when I know there is so much to do, yet I find myself and others without a task and just standing around. One of our biggest drawbacks is how we allow such valuable time to be wasted. Things such as having to wait on glue to dry, order in which things have to and can be completed and different peoples’ understanding of different things all lead to a lot of time being wasted. Even though there is SO much to do, a lot of times there is nothing to do for those reasons. We’re meeting at JMO bright and early tomorrow morning and hopefully it will be a very productive day.

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