document. document. document.

Well, we all met as a studio out on the beautiful veranda this afternoon.  We discussed the schedule for the rest of the semester, but mostly talked about our next deadline which is Wednesday December 1st.   After Studio U presents their final schemes on Wednesday, we will present our documentation for both projects.

Becca and Lauren worked this afternoon putting together a thorough outline of the presentation and then assigned each person a part.  These parts were strategically given to the person that worked most on the topic.  Each person is in charge of putting together the documents they need to present their topic.

I spent part of this evening making the 2 documents shown below, one for each project, showing how all the materials that we collected were used in our projects!  One of the main driving forces behind both designs was the repurposed material palette.

Caitlin and I put together a series of layout options for everyone to use as a guide.  Below are some thumbnail spread options.  Both the layout and the outline are necessary to ensure we have a solid and seamless presentation on Wednesday!

We are all looking forward to finishing up the documentation and hearing from Studio U on the redesign of the MUSC library on Wednesday!  Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

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