A Good Beginning Makes A Good End.

Tomorrow is the big final presentation of all our classwork for the semester.  Class met today around 5pm to continue our work with preparing for our final class presentations tomorrow.  We were put into separate groups to cover several parts of the content we need to present tomorrow.  We will be presenting both the information kiosk and the movie screen to a jury.  The entire class today worked on slides to present the different portions of each project (Design, Process, Materials, Preparation, Installation, and Final Product).  My group, consisting of Mike, Becca and myself met to talk about the beginning of project one.  We will be presenting the design process, material gathering, material preparation, the jail yard mockup and the issues we found, and the construction of the walls and the issues we faced during construction.

Apart from talking about the beginning of project one I am also in a group later in the presentation to speak about the site plan for the Cannon Park movie showing and speaking about the fabrication of the trailer and some of the issues we faced during the trailer construction.

Whether we excel in our presentation tomorrow or fall on our faces, I am proud of what we accomplished this semester and believe we did pretty incredible work in the short time frames that we were given to complete the two projects.  Sláinte to Studio V and all the people who helped us along the way for putting in huge effort to complete what we did.

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