salvage. design. construct. REPEAT…

It has been over a month since we last posted on the Studio V blog, and the hiatus was most needed and well deserved.  Even though we stopped blogging after the students presented their documentation of the semesters work on December 1st, a lot of work still continued on to finish out the semester.  I’ll list some of the activities I can remember:

•I, along with professors’ Ashley Jennings and Justin Ferrick transported the saved sticks of wood and steel from the Marion Square project up to Clemson to be reused in a project by Professor Dan Harding and his creative inquiry students (photos of that project will be posted soon).  The trip up was exciting, and without getting too detailed as to why, let me just ask that if you happen to notice any blue 2×2 sticks of wood laying along highway 26 please forward them up to Clemson for us.  Thank you.

•The trailer was completed with a wood deck and lockable storage boxes on the back.

•The wood structure of the screen was completely dismantled and coated with a penetrating oil finish for protection and then reassembled.

•A manual on how to erect the screen was made.

•Digital documentation of both projects was compiled and categorized for all the students to have for their records.

•Lastly, by the encouragement of the department chair Kate Schwennsen, we have begun filling out the paperwork and designing the boards to submit the semester’s work for an NCARB Prize from the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards NCARB) for the Integration of Practice and Education.  This has been a tedious process to convey the outstanding work the students have done on two 30″ x 30″ boards, but well worth it.

Below is a collection of photo’s of this semester’s work:

collecting materials

design and mock-up

checking out the details

finished product

design development and fabrication

the trailer

screen details

finished product

I am happy to announce that Studio V and this blog is continuing this spring semester under the watch of Professor Sallie Hambright.  I am eager to see what Studio V will come up with this year.

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