Day IV

As the hours to the schematic review deadline approach, one cannot help but notice the change in the studio.  You can walk up to the third floor and feel the nervous anticipation and excitement in the air.  As students move in their tools for the workspace, caffeine and snack foods -that may or may not be considered healthy to munch on late into the evening- and pieces of sketch paper begin to take over the space; I cannot help but feel a sense of home.  The clutter is only proof of our passion, and this is what studio should feel like. After a summer without this second home, it’s good to be back.

After a week and a half of brainstorming, researching, and site visits to Marion Square Park,  it is finally the time to express these designs on paper.   The schematic design review is an opportunity for each student to showcase their best ideas, having only one desk-critique with Professor Pastre.  Studio V will have eleven or more well thought-out brilliant ideas to choose from, and we will have to narrow down the design to only a few for the next schematic review on September 8th.  Each will have its own unique twist, and as architecture students, the designs will manage to transmit ordinary materials found around Charleston into extraordinary projects, and draw inspiration from the Bluesphere Exposition, while paying homage to the Rural Studio founder, Samuel Mockbee.

This morning a few of the Studio V students went to the Design Review Committee meeting at 9:30 on Calhoun St.  As different firms presented their proposals, the committee made their decisions, and it was a very interesting process.  The fact that Studio V is willing to attend such meetings and participate in local activities only proves our commitment to the project, and the dedication that we are willing to give to truly understand the culture of this area before designing structures in the parks.  It was a wise choice to to view the meeting this morning, because we now have a better understanding of how we can present our proposal to the DRC, and have raised our chances of the kiosk being approved for the site on our first try.

I am currently along with a few of my fellow classmates working on my Sketchup design instead of focusing on a physical model.  My structure drew inspiration from the Bluesphere motto to “alleviate green fatigue,” and Samuel Mockbee’s style of asymmetry and idiosyncrasy.  I also was inspired by the actual rural studio houses and  structures.  My design’s intention is to be interactive with the community and to snatch the attention of those walking near King St. so that they will come close and be presented with information on the Bluesphere.  Bringing all my inspirations and ideas into a single scheme in these few days has it difficulties, but I’m excited to present in front of my peers tomorrow.

Time to get back to work…

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