tis the season… of the flu.

Flu… bronchitis… sinus infections… pick your poison, because with a small studio of 11, it only takes one of those bad boys to really ruin your day and with only twelve days left, we cannot kill any progress or motivation on project two.  Having the early signs of the flu and knowing that it spreads like wildfire, especially in a group of students that aren’t necessarily getting a healthy amount of sleep recently – I stayed in home, in bed, all day. Talk about miserable.

Since one can only sleep so much, it did give me quite a bit of time to really reflect on the whole design/build process, and projects 1 and 2.  I was in the creative inquiry course & Studio South program that did the Haint Blue structure at the CAM Museum of Modern Art in Wilmington, last semester in Clemson.  It has really been a complete 180 degrees and back going from the group of students that built Haint Blue, to being a part of the students that tore it down and then reused the materials acquired from the site. It has truly been a learning process from beginning to end, and hopefully next semester I will be a part of the team that reuses project 2.

Today, I also had the time to go through images from this semester and see how far we’ve come. I can’t believe that as a class we have succeeded in completing so much.  I’m excited to get back to JMO this weekend as soon as I can, and ready to see what my classmates have accomplished today.

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