Studio V would like to say thank you

After a very eventful weekend, including a screening of a few Saturday night football games at Jim’s on our structure… yeah, that happened.  It was just great to unwind after this jampacked semester as a studio and take a moment to appreciate all of our hard work.  Of course, Monday approached, and with two days until Thanksgiving break, only Professor Pastre could snap us back into working motion when all of our minds are on the approaching feast we will be having Thursday with our families.  Once we return on Monday we will barely have two weeks to knock out an enormous to-do list, so we didn’t really have any time to waste on Monday.

Ben, Elissa, and Ryan met at Jim’s at 10 o’clock to take a part the structure and load it onto the trailer, but due to a few minor setbacks… at the beginning of studio, all the boys headed to Jim’s to finish the job.  While they were bringing the structure back to the jail yard, Elissa and Caitlin began sorting through the hundreds of photos we have for documentation, and Becca and I began writing the long list of thank you notes to all of our sponsors from project one and two.  Once everyone returned to studio from Jim’s, it was straight to work.  John and Ben continued to make progress on the trailer, while everyone else focused on documentation.

The mood has definitely become more relaxed since our review on Friday, but everyone is fully aware of the work ahead.  If we want to make project two a traveling film series, we all know there is still a lot of work ahead, but it will definitely be worth it.

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