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Greetings and Salutations!

Since the viewing of Citizen Architect on last Thursday, we have had some exciting happenings. First and foremost, the day following the big screening marked our project review. Notable and esteemed individuals included Mark Sloan from the Halsey, Ray Huff from the CAC.C, Jeff Johnston from SMHA (a former student of the Rural Studio), and two of the producers from Citizen Architect: Sam Wainwright and Jay Sanders. The review was less of a final review and more of an in-progress review, considering that we still have a number of tweaks that we need to make before shipping the beast up to Clemson. By and large the review was great – we received some great feedback, some innovative ideas, and some very nice compliments from people who mean quite a lot to students like us.

Over the weekend, we put the term “mobile movie screen” to the test by transporting it to Jim Graham’s (one of our fellow classmates) house for an afternoon and evening full of college football on the big screen. Although not necessary used for educational purposes, I feel as if we learn more about our structure the more we assemble it into viewing position – it only took us about 45 minutes to set up this time around, which is about 2 hours less than it took to set up for the movie showing on Thursday. We are learning each day and I am optimistic about being able to iron out most of the kinks relatively soon.

Today we convened in Marion Square to take down our first project, the information kiosk for bluesphere. There really isn’t too much to relate about this endeavor, save for the sadness in all of our hearts when it was being deconstructed.

Of course, this upcoming week claims home to one of the greatest holidays ever created. A holiday where the only thing more plentiful than the mass amounts of turkey and gravy might be the number of times I say gobble gobble to unknown people in public places. Before the festivities begin, we will be meeting tomorrow to formulate our game plan. What else needs to be done on the structure, how and when to accomplish it, and how to document our semester’s work is top priority on the list.

Until next time.


Our esteemed review team



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