Super-duper. Sweet-action. Awesome.

Greetings and Salutations! Since the viewing of Citizen Architect on last Thursday, we have had some exciting happenings. First and foremost, the day following the big screening marked our project review. Notable and esteemed individuals included Mark Sloan from the Halsey, Ray Huff from the CAC.C, Jeff Johnston from SMHA (a former student of the [...]


Greetings and Salutations! It has been an interesting transition going from our first project to the project we are currently working on – interesting in the sense that it is a project geared towards a completely different method of completion. Please let me explain, The first project was meant to be built in Marion Square. [...]

Let there be light!

Greetings, Tonight we took a crack at putting some lights in our recently built full-scale mock up. After blowing a fuse and shattering several bulbs, we successfully began to position lights within the wall assembly. The idea before testing tonight was to make the columns within the wall the most dramatically lit features of the [...]

Rejection? Not today, friends.

Fine people, Today marked our big meeting with the Charleston Design Review Committee, a date that had been circled on our studio calendar since the beginning of the semester. I was definitely more nervous this morning as I thought I would be. Sure, the group put forth a really strong effort over the last couple [...]

Rural Studio Inspiration

Good evening, Another day under our belts here at Studio V. After spending the first week and a half of the semester going to meetings, visiting the site, and getting accustomed to things, we have finally started putting some ideas down on paper. I think that for most of us, it is refreshing to step [...]