Greetings and Salutations!

It has been an interesting transition going from our first project to the project we are currently working on – interesting in the sense that it is a project geared towards a completely different method of completion. Please let me explain,

The first project was meant to be built in Marion Square. It will be there for about a month and a half. We built it, we are currently maintaining, and it will come down midway through November.

The project we are currently working on is different – its lifespan includes movies AFTER the viewing in Cannon Park on November 18. It needs to be taken to Clemson, viewed, and then shown over, and over, and over, and over again at other venues throughout the region. We are NOT building a temporary structure; we are building a prototype for a system that will be continuously used in the future.

Although both projects we have worked on thus far in the semester have been in relation to Bluesphere, the thing that makes this second portion different is that it will be used after Bluesphere is completed. It is not temporary. However, that is doing little in stopping us from making this innovative, unique, and creative to the problems at hand and the solutions to which we are searching for.


Our method of construction has to be efficient, because it needs to be constructed and de-constructed quickly.

Our methods of teamwork need to be streamlined, because we have a very limited amount of time for completion.

Our methods of design need to be simple, because we won’t always be there to resurrect it.

Our methods of execution have to be exact, because if we (the designers) can’t do it, then how  can we expect others to do it?

Tomorrow we meet with the Charleston Design Review Committee (DRC). If you remember, we met with them earlier this semester about our first project, the kiosk in Marion Square. This time around the students are presenting, which is something that I think is good. We are driving this project through to its completion and it is up to us to make sure it goes through the proper channels to get built. I am confident that the presentation in front of the DRC tomorrow will go swimmingly and will effectively allow us to take the measures needed to continue pushing our design for this second phase of the project.

On a side note, we spent the evening tonight at a banquet celebrating the new leadership in Clemson’s College of Architecture Arts and Humanities. The Mayor of Charleston, Joe Riley, was even there to welcome our new leaders and speak about the history and tradition of Clemson Architecture in Charleston, South Carolina. It was, in a word, inspiring to see so many influential people in one place, at one time.

Proud to be a Clemson Architecture Student,

Until next time!

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