Let there be light!


Tonight we took a crack at putting some lights in our recently built full-scale mock up. After blowing a fuse and shattering several bulbs, we successfully began to position lights within the wall assembly. The idea before testing tonight was to make the columns within the wall the most dramatically lit features of the structure. The wall that runs between the columns, then, would become the space to host our acrylic signage lit by LEDs. 

It was super helpful being able to see how our ideas could be applied to the wall – we learned a lot in the time we were out there and came upon a few conclusions.

  1. The spotlights in the pilasters need to be a warmer light. We placed a few bulbs in that were much too harsh in contrast with the lattice-work of wood in the structure. The warmer bulbs served as a pleasant compliment and were really, quite nice.
  2. The spotlights in the pilasters should vary in location; some placed at the top of the pilaster facing down and others at the bottom of the pilaster facing up.
  3. Blue LEDs are more successful than white LEDs. The white LEDs got lost in the radiance of the light being emitted from the pilasters. The blue LEDs were pretty sharp in contrast and definitely created a point of attraction from a distance.
  4. We need to figure out a better way to access the lights once placed within the pilaster.
  5. But really, the biggest thing we realized was that this is going to be really, really, really spectacular once all three walls are placed together and working in combination with each other.

Stay tuned!

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