Proceeding With Confidence

It’s the day after presenting in front of the Design Review Committee, and it hit me this morning that we wouldn’t be putting this project away with previous ones.  We are only just beginning, and now we continue to design and begin building!

As soon as class began, Professor Huff, from Studio U gave our project a quick critique after hearing how yesterday’s review went.  He gave us words of encouragement, saying the “fundamental system is quite accomplished,” but also presented the class with a few questions.  He wanted to know if we had confidence in the design’s presence during the day time, and why we didn’t go over the main path in Marion Square Park. The remarks actually took us into discussion of the size of the spacing in between the walls.  Professor Huff also suggested we play around with the lighting and push signage more.  Although his review was brief, the class took his suggestions to heart, and as the title of this blog suggests – we are proceeding with confidence.

Both Professor Huff and Pastre agree that we can only benefit from working at scale, and creating a full mock-up.  Before we start building in the yard and beginning the mock-up of one of the walls in the scheme on Monday, we need more materials.  During class, a group of students went on two material pick-ups on James Island and Meeting Street, and tomorrow we are meeting at 7:30 in the morning to make our second trip to Kiawah for some dumpster diving! It seems you never know what you might dive into in this studio.

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