Can We Just Start Building Already?

This design process has been a long and arduous one. It seems that with every problem we resolve another arises. We’re so ready to go and move forward, but then we  fall flat on our face. Ok I’m not really that discouraged. But it does seem that working to find a final solution that satisfies all the dilemmas we have encountered is proving to be much more difficult than I think any of us expected. Not only must we work out the structural aspects of the structure, but we’ve barely worked out the aesthetics. On a positive note: the legs that have been giving us so much trouble in the past few days may have finally been decided on.

We’ve now begun to create detail drawings and parts lists, using them to total up how much hardware we are going to need for the 6-8 possible hinge joints. Contacts have been called for pricing and we’re almost ready to order. I’m honestly quite ready to get away from the computer and start the construction process, and I’m sure Jim is as well. He has been working very diligently on the drawings and models for the past week.

Jim in action!

The models are very beneficial and we can learn a lot from them. However, as with the kiosk, I think building at least one side of this structure at full scale will really reveal to us the quirks of this design; at which point it may be too late to make any major changes, though. It’s a balancing act of sorts, trying to make this structure the best it can possibly be, while working under a heavy time constraint. Regardless of our order of operations, it is certain that the next three weeks leading up to the screening will be difficult.

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