Crunch time

Today is the final day to prepare for our small group presentations that are taking place tomorrow. Everyone is sure to be be busy tonight as each group is responsible for not only a digital presentation, but also for providing a physical model as well. It has been a quick turnaround from the last review [...]

One week

  We're now one week removed from the research + analysis review, a one week away from individual design reviews with the Charleston Parks Conservancy. On Wednesday, we all met with Pastre for desk crits to review our schemes so far. Amongst our group, we have a healthy distribution of diagrammatic layouts. It's interesting to [...]

Project 2 Proposals

With the kiosk completed, we have now focused our efforts into the design of our second project, the movie screen to be built in Cannon Park. We have already held one short design charrette, during which many great ideas were presented. Since then, we have divided up into three groups and have tried to narrow [...]

Prepping for Construction

Yesterday, about half the class met at JMO Woodworks to begin milling and cutting dado's into our boards. We formed an assembly line of sorts with Elissa and me ripping the boards of various widths down to a uniform 1 1/2" square, and cutting the longest pieces to length, 8' to be exact. After being [...]

Scouring for Materials

Professor Pastre brought Becca and me along today to meet with Bob Lisi, executive vice president of Dolphin, a design / build firm. Bob has agreed to allow us to use whatever scraps might be left over at each construction site that would otherwise go to waste. The first site we visited was a construction [...]