Installation of the clutter in the gutter

Admittedly, some of us were in the dark about the details of the clutter in the gutter until the very end. We were all aware of the gist of the design, but we had yet to see any shop drawings. The parts of this core component were seemingly the last to leave the design phase, and a few of us were starting to wonder what the plan was. We had these 10 concrete ‘tombstones’ on site, previously set in place, which required about half the studio to maneuver each one. And these ‘tombstones’ sort of each had these mysterious nondescript notches, varying from one to the next. I was very curious to see how this was all going to come together. Then one day Dave arrived with the wood material, pre-painted and ready to go, and Hawraa just went to work. Phil was there in body, sure, trying to keep up, but I could tell he was physically outmatched. It was clear that Hawraa had it all figured out, and she worked well into the evening hours that first night, eventually pulling her car around to work under headlights. The progress made that first day was really impressive.

Megan, Phil, Cam and Roberto joined Hawraa again the following day to continue work. And to my surprise, it all took shape very quickly. The three main elements (seating, sink, storage), whose details were still unclear to me, became very apparent that day. Up to this point, the structure was essentially wide open underneath, but suddenly, the central axis of the structure was clearly defined and you could really begin to imagine people occupying and utilizing the space.



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