Project 2 Proposals

With the kiosk completed, we have now focused our efforts into the design of our second project, the movie screen to be built in Cannon Park. We have already held one short design charrette, during which many great ideas were presented. Since then, we have divided up into three groups and have tried to narrow our design down to  just one or two plans per group. All three groups have taken quite different routes, and all produced interesting results. Mike, Joe, and John have developed two schemes: one being a tensile structure, the second being  modular stacking system. A model of the tensile structure is pictured below.

Elissa, Becca, Michael, and Ben also came up with two ideas: the first is a folding structure, drawing inspiration from a mast on a sail boat, and the second is similar to a Chinese fan, or American-Chinese fan as it was described at the charrette. A 3d model image for the structure is posted below.

Jim, Caitlyn, Lauren and I drew inspiration from a folding hammock, in which all pieces would fold/ turn into one another to make one more compact package. Tensile systems would be used to hold the screen in tension.

As you can see, all three groups have put a lot of thought into these designs and whichever route we choose to take, we are sure to end up with a great structure that we can all be proud of.

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