Moving on, but not without looking back…

With project one “completed” it is now time to move on to project two with full force. However, as demanding and time-consuming project two may end up being for us, we can’t at any point forget that project one is an ongoing project for us, as it will be on display for the next month and a half. This means that we have to ensure that at all times (up until mid November) it looks just as amazing as it does now. We are going to be facing an ongoing battle against vandalism, the elements, and any unexpected hurdles we may incur involving our lighting and electricity. Almost all of these we are already dealing with.

From the beginning we have known that during the completion project two we would also be burdened with the upkeep of project one. The most popular idea that has been offered up is that this will be done in shifts, whether weekly a group is responsible, or individuals are responsible on a daily basis, this seems to be our best route. We already know (and have dealt with) the accumulation of trash around the structure that we will need to clean up. This is something that will need to be done daily or every other day as long as the structure remains in Marion Square. Sadly enough, we have also already dealt with vandalism. Our Bluesphere signage turned up covered in white paint Saturday morning. While this was an easy fix, who knows how bad the vandalism could get over the course of almost two months. Hopefully nothing too major happens, but we will have to be prepared for the worst. Luckily we have an ABUNDANCE of leftover wood if anything major were to happen (Studio V bonfire anyone?). Weather – last night it rained on and off lightly, and we are already seeing the effects of erosion around the structure. It wasn’t a major issue, and didn’t seem to affect the structure at all stability-wise, but this is still something that aesthetically we should be concerned about.

We once again have our hands full, but I think we have proven (especially last week) that we can handle any workload… time-management however, as Professor Pastre mentioned, is another issue. At the end of the day it is all worth it – seeing how people are already interacting with our structure at all hours of the day is the most exciting element of all!

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