One week


We’re now one week removed from the research + analysis review, a one week away from individual design reviews with the Charleston Parks Conservancy. On Wednesday, we all met with Pastre for desk crits to review our schemes so far. Amongst our group, we have a healthy distribution of diagrammatic layouts. It’s interesting to see how everyone has used the analysis data that we’ve collected to develop and give reason for a wide variety of structure, garden, and circulation placements. A few common themes that have come about are a pathway cutting through the gardens – avoiding a separation of the existing playground and playing field, structures adjacent to the east and west tree-lines, and structures bridging a pathway – adjoining the new programming with the circulation from the playground and playing fields.


This weekend is sure to be busy for all of us, as the time to develop the idea that we hope will make an impression in the client’s mind is quickly fleeing.

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