Touching up and looking back

Well, we’ve come a long way in the past 4 months. From twelve individual designs to one complete structure that hopefully everyone in this group can now look back and feel a sense of pride and ownership. I am personally very happy with what we were able to accomplish on site in less than a month. Even though this isn’t my first design/ build project, it’s still every bit as satisfying as the other projects that I’ve completed.

Now that all of the major pieces are in place, we are at this point primarily focused on finishing touches. Everyone has made their vital contributions, so I think it could be valuable to reflect on the whole construction experience. I will try to discuss each of these major components in some detail, covering how we went about building this structure. With that in mind, I would like to use the next few posts to talk about these components, and then ask some folks in the group to share some of their thoughts on the project and the aspect to which they feel they made the most significant contribution.

As an aside, we were visited by some folks from the Post and Courier on Friday. Some of us had a chance to speak with Mikaela Porter – you can read about what they had to say here:

A Charleston park got a garden structure. Clemson students got ‘real-world experience.’


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