The arms finally erect with ease!

By adding a short tail on the upper arms and winching to it from around the base point, we were able to more elegantly erect the arms smoothly and together.

We are so grateful that these minor design changes are producing major results. In the above video, we used an 18v makita drill driver to simulate the power winch that we plan to use at full scale. The decision to shift to the powered winch was made because it allows us to use a clutch and control the release of the arms when we are lowering them. It also allows us some distance from the winch in case something goes wrong, and of course motors are strong than most members of our studio.

We are also in process of redesigning the base legs and making them 12ft long members that aren’t permanently attached to the base.

This will be completed today with construction documents and possibly the start of model 2.3. Assuming we can work out the remaining design/tectonic issues. We all have to come together and give 100% in order for this project to be a success.

So in conclusion, as a wise lady once said, “let’s get this done.”

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