Big Boy Bed

As I sit down to write my weekly post, my son is spending his first night in what we have dubbed the “Big Boy Bed”.  I have to remind myself to give Otto space at times like this so hopefully he’ll become an independent, confident child and one day adult. In many ways, I have to remind myself of the same thoughts when it comes to working with the students and these projects.  I refrained from going down to the studio this weekend, in hopes that some independence from their ever reliant professor would help the students take even more ownership on the current project and force them to problem solve as a team.

As I sit here writing, I am wondering how tonight will go.  How many times will Otto wake up or fall out of bed? How did the students do this weekend and did they get as far as I hope they did?  All questions will be answered in the morning.

If only Molly could be in two places at once to fill in for me.

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