A Joint Effort….?

Oh boy, here it goes....the ol' start-out-a-blogpost-with-a-quote-or-definition-cliche..... Well, too bad....It's happening. Webster's dictionary gives the word "joint" the 3 following primary definitions: (1) : the point of contact between elements of an animal skeleton with the parts that surround and support it. (2) : a place where two things or parts are joined. (3) : [...]

One Month and Counting…

One month from now we will be experiencing the culmination of Studio V.  It’s hard to believe,  considering we are just beginning Project 2 – our temporary movie screen for the screening of “Citizen Architect” in Cannon Park.  Plus everything that goes along with a public event for hundreds of people. After our review Friday, [...]

“Less, but better.”

I have become increasingly obsessed with the work of Dieter Rams, and I think that this is a good time to introduce his work to the students.  The second project of the semester is a mobile movie screen and our design strategy hovers somewhere between architectural design and product design.  Rams studied architecture as well [...]

design, build, redesign and rebuild

“Clemson architecture students get constructive with recycled materials for Halsey Institute’s bluesphere: Earth Art Expo.” Today Project 1 was reported by Charleston City Paper and Charleston Magazine.  Looking back, the feeling that comes to mind is that the design build process is an ongoing one and we have much more work to do.  That means, design build is more [...]

Project 2 Proposals

With the kiosk completed, we have now focused our efforts into the design of our second project, the movie screen to be built in Cannon Park. We have already held one short design charrette, during which many great ideas were presented. Since then, we have divided up into three groups and have tried to narrow [...]

“Jekyll & Hyde”

Young or old, it seems as though everyone who happens upon the installation in Marion Square is intrigued, and luckily for us it seems that most who interact with it seem to enjoy it. I have to admit that this is one of those projects that I have had the opportunity to work on with [...]

Project one is complete!

So as you know, this has been one hell of a week for all of u's but it's 10:14pm and I'm lying in Marion square looking at our "completed" structure for project one. I put that in quotes because we still need to finalize some wiring on a less temporary basis. It does look great [...]

What Are Ya’ll Building???

This is a question that I have heard more in the last 48 hours then I have throughout my lifetime.  Being in Marion Square from sunrise to sunset gives people plenty of time to ask this question. Ben, Elissa and myself went out to the site at 7:30am to finish leveling the foundation.  This process [...]