Summing up the Research

Pluse Dome

We started off not knowing exactly where we were headed with this Design/Build project; but I’m glad to see how the first phase is coming along. All the results we are gathering from our research are really paying off and I feel like I’ve learned about so many things I knew nothing about within less [...]

Experiments, Experts, and Expectations

After researching a number of factors this week that may tie into our project in, we are all beginning to understand the basics of energy harvesting methods, efficient and sturdy structures, and resource conservation.  We have narrowed our research to four main categories: Precedents and Case Studies, Structure, Efficient use of Resources, and Sustainable Energy Sources and Production [...]

Research Process

Almost every design project begins with research. For the past few days our class has been researching anything that might give us some direction. Students have been researching ZanFanga's work and the work of his contemporaries. Other students are looking into insect and animal architecture, indigenous architecture, water architecture, and energy sources. William Katavalos does [...]

Man and Nature

As we move further along our eventual goal in this project, one can't but be amazed of the man in question, Don Zanfagna, his life , his accomplishments, his amazing talent, and his thought provoking ideas. Considering the passages I've read on Zanfagna's thoughts, particularly concerning man's conflict with nature, the quote that keeps popping up here and there [...]

Tying Up Loose Ends

This post from me is long overdue. Although I feel as though I should start writing about this semester's project, the first three posts by the students have done a great job of that so far, so I am going to use this opportunity to recap some summer events concerning last semester's project with the [...]

Hidden Force

“Is there a hidden force that our ancestors used, but that we have lost?”  Infra Ultra, ZanFagna I am not sure if I fully understand who ZanFagna is.  I do not believe that I ever will.  What I understand is that he was enthralled with the relationship between the built world and its natural environment.  [...]

Who Is ZanFagna?

Don ZanFagna was born in Saunderstown, Rhode Island, in 1929.  Don ZanFagna is a West Point cadet, Boston Red Sox draftee, Fulbright scholar, fighter pilot, artist, professor, university art department chairman, environmental activist and architect/designer. Don ZanFagna, working since the 1950s, generating spectacular works of ecological designs. His works are displayed through a widespread of [...]

Designing the Impossible

It’s the first week of my time here in Charleston and I’ve already got sunburned from going out to Folly Beach, but after today I have a strange feeling that won’t happen again for quite some time.  Now don’t get me wrong it is going to be a great semester and I’m going to have [...]