Research Process

Almost every design project begins with research. For the past few days our class has been researching anything that might give us some direction. Students have been researching ZanFanga’s work and the work of his contemporaries. Other students are looking into insect and animal architecture, indigenous architecture, water architecture, and energy sources.

William Katavalos does an experiment with atmospheric pressure and water in the video below. As he does this he describes the process of research and design by level.

1 think- it’s an interesting idea but it doesn’t do anything yet, a no brainer

2 think- we are beginning to get an idea that makes some sense

3 think- we are beginning to get somewhere with an idea and applying it to a problem

We just scratched the surface of each of our topics yesterday. Over the next few days we will be searching deeper so that we can understand what it all means. Monday we will present our research to the other students so that they can understand and apply the information in the design phase.

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