Design Under Construction

It's our second day of the individual design process. I must admit that I have had a hard time getting inspired up until yesterday. I finally decided to stop trying to think so hard and abstractly, and started to think simply. Finally, I think I have something to work with. I'll just call it "Window [...]

Work Day

Our first work day couldn't come soon enough with everyone eager to get started with their individual design concept. I know I was. From walking around studio, I could see some really good ideas brewing and I'm excited to see how those ideas develop. It didn't take long before people started claiming idea theft. LeRone [...]

Finding Inspiration

This post picks up on an idea I wrote on last semester, and I expect to elaborate on at a later date as well. Directions for the above "Can of Inspiration": Add 1% invisible inspiration to 99% perspiration for the original, Thomas Edison inspired formula - and get the job done!  Once opened, content will [...]

On to the nuts and bolts…

Today Studio V got together for the first real design charrette of the semester.  This was our opportunity to really hammer out a clear set of goals and objectives that we think are essential for a successful design.  Our main objective is simple: to create something that enhances the visitors experience.  Along with this we [...]

What’s The Big Idea?

Since the onset of the semester we have been thinking, in the back of our minds, what the installation could possibly embody. Well...tomorrow we will all have our chance to present our burgeoning ideas in the first design charette. If you are not part of the design community and have never heard of a charette, [...]

Let’s get together in studio to work!

We are going to change template a little bit more to make it better but it still looks good and we are tired to fix it. 🙂 Actually, Artemiy did real hard working for it. So, he might be sick of fixing it according to other people's all different opinions. For now, we are just letting it as [...]

Ladies get out your salt…

My research topic for our presentation was focused on the history, cultural importance and science of salt.  I came across some really fun and/or interesting uses for salt - many of which were from Mark Kurlansky’s Salt: A World History (a pretty good read, by the way).  I’ll give you a few of my favorites: [...]

Review I: Research

Today the team came together for our first review. For the past week we have been researching a variety of topics to help us better understand any and every angle of the design challenge at hand. Topics we covered included information on salt, background and understanding of Motoi and his art, a few aspects of [...]

Rethinking Research

We always begin every studio project with some background research pertaining to the subject at hand.  This process is necessary, yet the process can often be a bit boring.  Dredging though books and websites for necessary information to inform the design can sometimes take the wind out of the sails of  the students who begin [...]

The Typhoon in Japan

Hey guys, For my post I am going to talk a little about the Japanese and their views on typhoons.  Being from charleston and living through several hurricanes myself, I understand the power that these storms possess and the damage that they can cause to the built environmenet. Historically, typhoons in Japanese culture have a [...]