Spring Break

After multiple preliminary red lines from our professors and others around the project, we have finally got our construction documents to level that we need to send them to the engineer. Now that they have been sent off, we will wait on the engineer to approve or deny the proposal and make the necessary changes [...]

Cropstop Showcase

The race to finish the Construction set is almost over, and all of our hard work will have paid off. The Construction Documents have been redlined for the last time! Finishing touches are being made to the drawings, and they are being corrected at this very moment. The Construction set will be sent out any [...]

Team Work!

As you know, we have been hard at work on our construction document set for Crop Stop 2 that will hopefully be sent to the engineer by tomorrow.  Through this trial and error process, we have definitely learned a tremendous amount.  Everyone in Studio V this semester is in undergrad, and none of us have [...]

More Redlines

After our last meeting Friday we thought we were going to have the construction documents ready to turn in by the end of class Monday, however, we needed a little more time. Once we fixed the redlines we received on Friday, we realized there is still work to be done before we turn them into [...]

The Final Countdown..

This weekend was a busy weekend! We were all working on the redlines received on friday to complete them by today so that we could turn them into the engineer. We had thought that after redlining we would only have a few minor changes to make, we were wrong. We started out making a template [...]

The Kitchen is Coming Together

Today, Monday February 2nd, we met at the shop in Charleston. We loaded up all of the kitchen supplies for the Crop Stop 1 and delivered it on Johns Island. The kitchen appliances includes- an oven, a stove top, a stainless steel sink, a drying rack, stainless steel shelves. In order to get the supplies [...]

Installing the Vinyl Floor

Before this big Super Bowl weekend, the Studio V team made a huge push out at Crop Stop 1 on John’s Island. The goal; to get they COREtec vinyl flooring installed. The group met early on Friday, loaded up at the shop and headed out to John’s Island. The Installation of the floor was very [...]

Wrapping Up The Weekend!

What a weekend!! Though a tiring weekend, it was so much fun meeting the Solar D team and starting the mock-up construction of Cropstop 2 with the sim[ply] construction method. During the construction we took notes on improvements that can be made for the future Cropstops. The Solar D team also took notes on how [...]