Team Work!

As you know, we have been hard at work on our construction document set for Crop Stop 2 that will hopefully be sent to the engineer by tomorrow.  Through this trial and error process, we have definitely learned a tremendous amount.  Everyone in Studio V this semester is in undergrad, and none of us have ever had the opportunity to do construction documents prior to this semester.  With no graduate students or anyone who has worked on construction documents before, the process ended up being trial and error.  From the first set of documents we turned into Professor Pastre, to where we are now, is a big leap.  One thing we also learned during the process is communication with each other.  It was essential to creating a cohesive document.  Each person worked on different pages of the document but we had to be in communication with one another in order to make the pages work together.


Cover Page: Before & After


One big happy team!


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