We Whistle While we Work

Yesterday, more progress was made in addition to our busy weekend. With some of the more tedious tasks out of the way, work also seems to be moving faster. Just about all of the doors have been painted and most of the trusses have a layer of primer on them. The last of the rafters [...]

Quiet Nights

They are here. Always. They usually don’t bother me, but the lights are always on. I wish it was darker sometimes. I have gotten to know them pretty well. They can’t see me, and I know that sounds creepy, but I’m not here to hurt them. I just like to watch them work, their drawings [...]

The details are not the details

“The details are not the details, they make the design.”                                       – Charles Eames As we continue to develop our project based on the feedback we received from John, the structural engineer, we are each taking the time to charette details on the more complicated joints of the project. These include: the roof sitting on [...]

A Dream Becomes Reality

Work continued into the weekend as we approach midterms this week. A team of students was able to start laying out the dimensions of the farm stand on the floor, using tape. Makeshift doors were put up using 4’x8’ foam panels. Likewise, materials are being decided upon and our cost analysis is growing. From our [...]

A Stool has 3 Legs

A stool has 3 legs. A chair has 4 legs. Common facts that appear elementary. But, they are all too important to ever risk forgetting. It is during these times, when things seem most complex, to break down our knowledge into manageable pieces. A team of three is able to support an idea, without the [...]

Riding Shotgun

Hi everyone, my name is Lilli! My buddy Katie is very tired from driving, so I am here to give a paws-itive update. Yesterday was a great day. Katie woke me up when it was still dark out and then we drove a long time and then I was at my house! There is nothing [...]

Setting our sites

Research week is moving fast and going well in Studio V. I find that, as a class, we are increasingly interested in the human scale and touch. This may seem obvious and many may think scale comes naturally in the design process, but it is something that designers always strive for; how people interact with [...]