A Dream Becomes Reality

Work continued into the weekend as we approach midterms this week. A team of students was able to start laying out the dimensions of the farm stand on the floor, using tape. Makeshift doors were put up using 4’x8’ foam panels.

Likewise, materials are being decided upon and our cost analysis is growing. From our experience on past projects and working in the woodshop, we know that ease of assembly of the farm stand will be dependent on materials. It is essential that we do our research now in order to prevent challenges down the road.

An example of material research: Sherwin-Williams has a line of paints for agriculture.
Cost analysis in progress.

The class is working comfortably as one unit. A lot of the details are being worked out. The model that was presented last Monday will be transformed into a replica of the final design, complete with moving doors and operable shelves. I think we are all excited to start the construction document phase because it will give us all the chance to see the project well documented and ready to be built.

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