Riding Shotgun


Hi everyone, my name is Lilli! My buddy Katie is very tired from driving, so I am here to give a paws-itive update. Yesterday was a great day. Katie woke me up when it was still dark out and then we drove a long time and then I was at my house! There is nothing better than feeling the wind on my fur and the sun in my face. She said we had to drive a long time because there is a person called Florence coming. I don’t want to meet Florence, I don’t think she is very nice.

I got to ride shotgun!

Anyways, I took a nice long nap when I got home. And then there was a pesky cat that I had to chase (ugh, cats are so annoying). And then there was a lot of noise and water coming from the sky. My buddy and I snuggled for a little bit, but then Katie had to work on a thing called a computer. I think my dad has one of those too.

Katie was talking to me about her project and she said the word ‘farm’. I think anything with the word farm in it is going to be really cool! It reminds me of sunshine, fields, and fellow puppy pals. She was explaining to me that everyone, including my dad, are designing something called a farm stand. They are working on making their farm stands practical. This means that they will be transportable and transitional. It will be important to design things, such as shelves, to serve as both shelves and siding. Katie said her focus is on how the shelves and displays work together. She is designing her farm stand as a unit and has to continue to work on how each unit will connect.

Katie’s sketches.

In other news, my daddy and mommy are going to come home soon and it’s going to be totally pawsome!! They got married and now it is going to be the three of us fur-ever! But I will miss my buddy Katie.

Your favorite pup,


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