While Ideas are Brewing, So is the Storm

hurricaneThis past week or so we have all be busy developing our own design approaches.  Many design ideas are drastically different from each other, but they all have some similarities.  Because these small structures are going to be moved around, it is important for their design to incorporate the ideas of both how they can be transported, but also how they could be re-purposed at a later date. Some people have been looking at more “pod” like designs that have the ability to be picked up and moved around, while others have been looking into pieces and components and how these structures could be taken a part and reassembled.

I, personally, have been exploring the latter and am very interested in how these could be designed to be completely modular and therefore easily re-purposed and moved around. Some of the possibilities for my modular design could be the following: varying size stands for sales, bike racks, event spaces, small shelters, trail heads, and information kiosks.  Rather than focusing on the structure’s form itself, my design focus has more been on the technique and adaptability of the modular design and connections.


model-photo.jpgOne of the main ways that I have been exploring this is through various test models.  Here you can see an image of my latest model where I was testing my panel connection design.  The test was successful, but the process of building the model shed light on some tweaks that need to be made to the overall connection.  This is just one example of why, sometimes, exploring design through sketch models makes the most sense.

We originally were set to present our individual designs this Friday, but because of Hurricane Florence, that has been cancelled and is to be re-scheduled for some time next week.  We spent most of the day yesterday discussing evacuation procedures, making sure everyone had a safe place to go, and taking the necessary precautions in our studio space to minimize potential damage from the storm.  Clearly our design ideas have not been the only thing brewing this past week.

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