A Stool has 3 Legs


A stool has 3 legs. A chair has 4 legs. Common facts that appear elementary. But, they are all too important to ever risk forgetting. It is during these times, when things seem most complex, to break down our knowledge into manageable pieces. A team of three is able to support an idea, without the idea breaking down. Similar to a stool, if a team member starts to grow weary, two team members support the weight of the project.

As our team works together to form a cohesive project, I am pleasantly surprised at how well the process is going. We are working to establish a farm stand with an iconic and ‘wow factor’ of a form. This has brought us to shifting, rotating, and twisting the primary and secondary structures. Adding to the ‘agrarian with a modern touch’ we are aiming to produce a farm stand that utilizes wood as a traditional material and bamboo as a modern material. Both the wood and bamboo will serve structural purposes, with the rhythm of the structure providing a satisfying articulation. Again, we are working in the most simple of ways. Looking at what the materials are, how they work together, and the resulting form.


I would say our team is a strong chair with 4 legs. While we have 3 strong team members, we also have the guidance of professors, classmates, and precedents to provide us with that extra support. We still have to decide on a few specifics and go through more iterations of details and joints. I am excited that we are working on this portion of the project as a team. It helps me to focus on my strengths while allowing others to influence the growing design.

This is a busy week for the CAC.C! A few social events have pushed our next review to Monday. Stay tuned for more updates!

'Then I hit him with my three-legged punch. . .I hit him with my stool.'
Just joking!

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