And Then There Were 3….

Individual Design Iterations Page 011

As you guys may already know, last Wednesday we had our second meeting with the Beach Company.  We each presented our individual design approaches and got a lot of insightful feedback from that.  From there, we have been broken down into three groups of three.  Each of the groups are looking at a different design approach based on their individual designs.  One group is looking at creating something more modern that will have a great “wow” factor.  The second is looking at how to create a completely modular systems with limited pieces that takes a slight modern twist, and the third is looking at taking a traditional approach that is in line with some of the visioning documents that we have received.

I am part of group number two as referenced above.  In my group is Stevie and Rushabh.  All three of us took a modular approach, but Stevie’s design also incorporated moving parts that allow for the structure to “close” at night and also gives the opportunity for signage. This weekend the main things we tried to solve were how to incorporate those moving parts into a modular design without having to create too many additional pieces and also how to give the structure a more elegant and “high end” appearance, rather than it appearing simply like a shed. See below for boards for each of our designs that we are attempting to combine into one idea.

We have found a few solutions to those problems, but even though we present our ideas this Friday, it is still fairly early in our process so stay tuned for more details on that!



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