Quiet Nights

They are here. Always. They usually don’t bother me, but the lights are always on. I wish it was darker sometimes. I have gotten to know them pretty well. They can’t see me, and I know that sounds creepy, but I’m not here to hurt them. I just like to watch them work, their drawings and models are really cool. For the most part, they are always happy, and that brings me happiness. I would like to be at peace with myself and the accident, but that hasn’t happened yet.


The accident happened in 1890, not too long after the factory opened. I was only 25, so I really enjoy mingling with people my own age again. This place sat empty for a long time and now it is full of life! My wife would not believe the things that have happened since those days!


The technology has changed a lot. I like to keep up with the times, so I know the lingo used. The computers produce renderings. Today, the students were making renderings, so they could study the different colors of materials for the farm stand project. They also calculated how much material they were going to need for the final construction of the stands. I’m a fan of the wood and steel they are using. They are learning invaluable skills by working in the woodshop and welding. Sometimes I wish I had become a woodworker.


The students and their professor talked about the structure of the farm stand. They have been working on some construction details, but those may have to change slightly whenever they make a decision about the structure of the truss. The mock-ups of the truss and doors are really looking good and if they use some older wood, I think the stand is going to be really handsome.


In other news, yesterday was Halloween. I know, its cliché for me to be out and about on the scariest night of the year, but what else am I supposed to do? And the students looked good in their costumes. However, I feel my days are finally coming to an end here. Nobody is getting hurt in the building anymore and I am eager to see my family again.


Happy hauntings,


Henry Johnson of Charleston

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