Trick or Truss!



Happy Halloween!  This past weekend we worked on several different mock ups. Yesterday you got to read some about the doors, and today I will talk about the trusses.  There has been a lot of back and forth with these trusses.  We have talked about how it should be configured, whether there should be only diagonals, only verticals, or both, whether it should have chords made of WT’s or double angles, etc.  We are hoping to lighten the trusses up to using chords of only single angles.  We should hear back from the engineer about that decision later today.  The next big decision that we are still working through is whether or not to have verticals.  Stay tuned for more on those two decisions.

Here you can see an image of our mock up.  We didnt have the correct angle sizes yet to cut and weld the diagonals, so this past weekend we only made the frame.  We also played around with getting the steel band saw to cut angles larger than 45 degrees, since that will be what we will need to do with the diagonals.  Once we finalize the layout per what I mentioned in the paragraph above, we can finish the mock up with steel!  Hope y’all are enjoying hearing about all of our welding adventures!


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