Halloween is Almost Here and Things Are Getting Spooky in the Woodshop…

Today in studio, we took a look at the mock-ups that the team made over the weekend. We started off with a discussion about the door: overall size & weight, slat size, slat spacing, number of slats, metal framing, & weld quality. We then tested the door with a light behind it to see how it would look at night.

The light test led to the decision to keep the slat spacing at 7/8″, but try a second mock-up with less slats of a larger size (3.5″ changed to 5.25″). The team worked hard to cut slats & wood blocking, and assemble a new door within our studio class period.We even had some interesting techniques to try to improve speed for screwing slats down (notice the spooky vampire teeth) & played a little hide & seek…


Once we had 2 door options, it was time for compare/contrast:

We settled on the smaller slat option to allow for more light to pass through and a stronger visual through the door for people who are selling at the market. Next steps are to make a decision on the type of wood used for the slats and start some tests for paint colors.


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