Back to the (Computer) Drawing Board

Any design starts with a set of carefully developed construction documents that show how elements (even down to the fine details) will be built. For the moment, everything seems perfect and all details are solved. Sometimes when you begin fabrication however, you realize that some details may not work as well as originally intended, and [...]

Behind the Scenes: CAC.C Woodshop

  One of the best parts of being in Studio V, is the opportunity to learn more about construction techniques and woodworking skills. After participating in a safety training of all machines, students have 24 hour access to the woodshop. All Studio V students also gain even more experience during an elective course, Introduction to [...]

Picking Teams

    Following our review, the next step will be to split up into three groups of three and continue to develop design ideas for the client. Professor Pastre needed a night to think hard about the group organization, because there are two main ways that groups could be formed moving forward, and the grouping [...]

On the Seesaw of Design

As architecture students, it is important to research, understand, and design for the many different scales of a project. We need to zoom way out to understand how our project will impact the environment and community where it is placed, and also how it relates to other elements on the chosen site. Zoom in once [...]