“Make Every Detail Perfect and Limit the Number of Details to Perfect”…

While most of our classmates are dedicating time to the fabrication of our design, some of us are behind the scenes, making all of the construction documents that are being used by the fabrication team. It is important to have an accurate set of drawings as we begin construction, but these drawings will also be used by future fabrication teams, if our client decides that they would like to have more than 2 structures on site.

Door Details

As we create the construction documents, we also find elements of our design that may need size adjustments, more clarification, or a better detailing solution. It is extremely important to catch any errors and solve problems before our fabrication team gets too far along, or we will end up wasting material and money when dimensions change slightly.


During the process of creating these documents, a small error was found in the sizing of our hinges. We were anticipating a 3/8″ gap between our doors and the column (for the hinge), but from the manufacturer’s specifications, the hinge is actually closer to 1/2″ wide. This led to a fun discussion with the whole studio. We provided possible solutions and then discussed the pros and cons of aesthetic or budget changes, ultimately landing on an agreed upon solution with no budget change and an acceptable design.

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