Keeping Good Pace

Throughout the weekend, most of our team took turn to work in the metal shop, the rest of us was working upstairs to finish up the construction documents and pricing. We cut steel for the door frame and grinded the steel bar and then welded each bar together. As a member of the metal shop workers, I participated in grinding and welding and helping with lifting door frames with my limited strength. Personally, I felt I could make more progress in welding if there is a smaller gloves in the shop. By the end of the weekend, we have finished all the door frames and we have already begun to cutting the truss.

As we continued to finish cutting truss Monday afternoon, we were called upstairs to have an emergency meeting. We had to stop cutting steel for our truss since considering the space for hinges functioning between door and poles, the current length of our truss is too short. So we need to re-adjust our truss and accordingly the our cedar shakes roof need to be adjusted.

After dinner break, we came back to work in the metal shop and clean the door frame. Some of us cleaning the door frame and the rest of us were cutting the truss. Since the pump that we used for rinse the door frame is not strong enough and the water is really slow and small and we failed to find the key of the pipe at the outside, so only seven door frames were finished tonight.

After today’s work, everyone is tired, but we are glad that we are working as a team towards a good direction. What we are planning to do next is to finish cleaning the rest nine door frames and punch the holes and weld the hinges that should be arrived tomorrow and prepare to paint the steel. Everyone is keeping good and fast pace in work.  


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