Production Weekend

On Friday, we talk about the production calendar in the studio. Try to make clear what we need do during the weekend. And we have a big update for the roof material. We will use the cedar roof for our building. wood-shingle-roof-2

That means we need re-work on the roof design. The cedar roof will take more time to do the calculations. We need to more study on the cedar roof.

During the weekend, we work in the shop to produce the door and the truss. We set up a new jig to make the cutting work easier. We work as an assembly line, two people cutting the steel, one people grinding the steel after cutting, two people welding door frame.


The whole process is very efficient, during the weekend we make all the 16 door frames for the building. Also, we try to start making the truss, it will take more time compared with the door. Because the stell angle size changed from 1/8″ to 3/16″.

Next week, we will keep working the production. Make most of out work before Thanksgiving break.

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