After the Turkey break, we need "all in" to the studio work. All the team members are grouped up to working on all the work. Steel cutting is finished, welding is ending, wood slats are ready to assembly to the door frame. Doors, slats, trusses... All the things are going well. The "assembly line" is [...]

Production Weekend

On Friday, we talk about the production calendar in the studio. Try to make clear what we need do during the weekend. And we have a big update for the roof material. We will use the cedar roof for our building. That means we need re-work on the roof design. The cedar roof will take [...]

Sparking & Thinking

This week we have two training about how to welding the steel. The skill is important for us to make the door panel and the truss for our project. Also, we still improve the design. Trying to get the best proportion of the door, post, truss, and roof. Even we have some step back of [...]

Clean up and make the model

This weekend we clean up the wood shop. And the whole studio is working on the Monday review. We got some 2"X6" wood for the future mockup that we need to clean our shelf to receive this wood. Monday, we will have our final design review. But we will still keep fixing some detail after [...]


Today is our group design review day! Nine individual design developed into three design concept. The three ideas go to the different directions that give us more potential to consider the design. All the topic around the review is about scale, function, shape, detail. One of the design looks more architecture approach but has more [...]


Hi everyone! We came back to school after the Hurricane, and we kept working during the evacuation week.  Today(Wednesday 9/19/2018) we will have our individual design review. Everybody has worked so hard in the studio. Here are some design ideas I want to share with you guys. The curve is moving on the site. The design idea [...]

HAIKU Your Mind for Design

Design Desk Critic day for Studio V.  As the process of individual design, all the students have a couple of different ideas for the "Building". The design strategies are from multiple perspectives, marital, structural, circulation, joint... Hands drawing on trace paper tell the thinking process. It is a good way to begin our design by hand-drawing, [...]