Hi everyone! We came back to school after the Hurricane, and we kept working during the evacuation week.  Today(Wednesday 9/19/2018) we will have our individual design review. Everybody has worked so hard in the studio.

Here are some design ideas I want to share with you guys. The curve is moving on the site. The design idea is based on the curved shape, the bottom is fixed on the steel frame and the top end follows the shape of the curved. Also, the roof edge is offset of the column ends. The whole structure is using the pass by skill to connect together.


The section shows the main idea of what the “building” looks like. The built-in table and bench are following the curve to change the location. The bench is always set in the positive side of the slope to provide lazyback.


The design feature of this structure is the moving wall. The wall is hidden in the structure when the site events are closed. When the event needs more space to show the production, the structure can extend by pulling out the wall. The whole “building” is sitting on the wheels that we can move them to the different location and combine it into different styles.HPSCANNER0809

Overall, Review day! Let’s discover more brilliant ideas during the review.

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