We survived! ( Both Hurricane and the First Presentation after it).

Good morning, guys! Hope everyone in our studio had a sound sleep last night, as most of us in the studio stayed up pretty late on Tuesday night to make preparation for the presentation on Wednesday afternoon.

So, yesterday around 3 pm, we held our presentation to introduce our individual’s idea for the Farm stand to the three guests who are from the Kiawah River development company,a architect and a landscape architect. Each of us had 7 min to present our ideas shown in two slides. Everyone did a very good job in this presentation. Some of us brought their physical models to assist the presentation. Most of us consider the convertibility of our individual designs, some common features in our design such as making the wall panel pieces move in horizontal or vertical direction, or rotate the panels connected to the poles on the ground or the bars in the stand. Most projects use a very simple classic forms that most agrarian architectures might use in the design, and one from Jeremy reminded us of the project“Trenton Bath House” by Louis Kahn.

After we finished our individual presentation, we got some feedback from the company developer. They hoped to have a stand design that is iconic, eye-catching, but also could be monumental and that the stand could be used for multipurpose in the future. Then they also discussed that if it’s possible for us to design and build two or four different types of farms at the same time instead of having one design and build four same units.

It is true that all of us want to develop each of us’ plan and idea. However, considering the budget, time and our construction ability, we came to the conclusion to in the next few days, develop our team project from nine proposals into three and then three proposal goes to one final design that all the studio would work for it in the end. Therefore, what we gonna do next is to team up with two other people in the studio who may share some similarities of features in the individual design and make another small team proposal in the next review.

Good job everyone! Hope to see what we have in our future presentation on next Friday.

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