Keeping Good Pace

Throughout the weekend, most of our team took turn to work in the metal shop, the rest of us was working upstairs to finish up the construction documents and pricing. We cut steel for the door frame and grinded the steel bar and then welded each bar together. As a member of the metal shop [...]

Weekend for Mock-up

On Friday class, we spent so much time on leveling the working table on the metal shop during the class so that we could put the plywood pieces on it to work for mock-up. At the same time, we made several blocks and they were fixed on the plywood so that the steel bars could [...]

1/2 semester Done and still more to do

The wind at night is getting cooler than before,  autumn is coming . Can't believe half of the semester has passed. Hurricane Michael push our midterm review from Friday to Monday.  All the studio stayed up really late either in the wood shop or in the studio to finish the model or drawings for Monday’s review [...]

Before The Studio V Work Together…

It seems that everyone in the studio has a super packed schedule this week, so most of us took a short break from the studio works to engage themselves in other courses’ assignments today. After Monday’s presentation, we are going to work as a whole team of nine people instead of three small groups. We [...]

Random Ideas: Is it Possible? Does it Work?

After yesterday’s desk critic, we continued the design from different aspects. Since we are still on the beginning of the design process, some of us fell into an status of uncertainty, not knowing specific direction of development. Perhaps we just seek some ideas from various sources. As Professor Pastre suggested the convertibility should be taken [...]