Weekend for Mock-up

On Friday class, we spent so much time on leveling the working table on the metal shop during the class so that we could put the plywood pieces on it to work for mock-up. At the same time, we made several blocks and they were fixed on the plywood so that the steel bars could be fixed on the right places. 

In the evening, one squad were cutting the those 21 slat pieces, we used a the vertical panel saw to cut the pieces to the designed width (it’s a lot of work-out for me, I felt my hands were sore after cutting several pieces), and then we used miter saw to cut these pieces to the right length(3’8-⅝”).

The other squad were cutting the steel. Several cut were made in one pieces since the 45 degree of the angle is kind of hard to make accurate. I could feel that every time, when we fit the steel in position and tightened block, it would move slightly. We hope it would be fixed when we do the welding on the next day.

Saturday morning, we re-cut one of the steel pieces of the door frame, and later found that the dimension of the truss didn’t fit the dimension that we had on the door frame, but we have already made most of the door frame. So we made some tiny adjustment to the dimension of the truss, and then finished the truss frame in the rest of the day.

In the wood shop, another team had the door slats fixed on the lumbers. At the same time, our welding team began practicing and get prepared for the next day’s welding work.

Sunday Morning, our welders are starting to do the door frame, at first there is an obvious big gap between two of the pieces, but our welding the team finally solved it and finished the welding of door and truss in the rest of the day. The slats were put in the frame, but we haven’t screwed these two parts together in case we would mess up with it. Therefore, we left them there as they were until we have better solution to fix them together tomorrow. 

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