Sparking & Thinking

This week we have two training about how to welding the steel. The skill is important for us to make the door panel and the truss for our project. Also, we still improve the design. Trying to get the best proportion of the door, post, truss, and roof. Even we have some step back of the design process, change the size back to the last version. But it is important to the design process, try different options and then we can find the best one to fit in the design. It is a good process to develop the details. Sometimes, one element changing that cause another element change back to the last version, but the whole process very helps us thinking through every detail.

The changing process does not only help us improve the design, but it also helps the group understand the design. The community built team need to move to the construction process. That everyone should involve the building process. The conversion during the changing process is very helpful for the team member to understand every detail. When we in the producing process that we can avoid a lot of mistakes if everyone familiar the design.IMG-1455IMG-1456IMG-1460IMG-1466

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