1/2 semester Done and still more to do

The wind at night is getting cooler than before,  autumn is coming . Can’t believe half of the semester has passed. Hurricane Michael push our midterm review from Friday to Monday.  All the studio stayed up really late either in the wood shop or in the studio to finish the model or drawings for Monday’s review on Sunday night. The midterm review is held right on time on Monday afternoon. I wished I could be a better public speaker, but I was kind of tired after went to work in the morning with few sleep, and received a breaking bad news about the rendering print-out right after work. Therefore, I didn’t get fully prepped for the speaking. I felt kind of sorry for my part in the teamwork.  But anyway, our team worked very well so the review turned out to be good and our design moved on well so far.

IMG_4755We got some feedback from our clients and also the architect who designed the farmstead Reggie. Since I focused more on sizing, site plan, and rendering and, so I wrote down more notes on these aspects.

1.Fences should be modeled and we could consider how far it is from the curb of the site.

2.Figure out how the roof and truss attach each other also how doors work needs to be more specified.

3.The Kiawah River will take some photos from the site to help us to develop our rendering, they want the backgrounds in our rendering to be the real site photo instead of the artificial Photoshop textures.

4.The lighting effect at night would be considered in our further design. Are we going to put them on the top  part of the stand or we might put the light in the lower bottom part, or even outside of the stand.

5.We could try different color of the wood(black, grey…) in our rendering to compare different effect of the material, maybe we could consider different seasons in our rendering. But I don’t think we will be able to do that, since if they want us to use their photo as a rendering background, then it could only be the environment in the current season.


On Wednesday, we will have an structural engineer visiting our studio and gave us more suggestions for our structural design. From Friday to Oct. 26th we will finish the full scale mock-up and construction documents.

Hope everything is going well in the studio in the next half of the semester,  more challenging tasks are waiting ahead of us in the next half part.



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