HAHA! We are sorry about the late… But we come back!

On Jan 19, 2018, there is a group come from Clemson go back to Charleston. They have a Mission– finish the project in Kiawah river. The project is amazing besides in the last week they can not finish it cause of raining and flooding site.

But finally, they come back with their solid promise. The truck is on the way, the people are on the site. They spend three days in Charleston, working, eating, playing, enjoying on the site with their resolute professor. As their promise, the project is looking good and also working well. At the end of the trip, they have the ceremony with the client and guest under their project.

There are a lot of words of appreciation need to say to everyone who helps them during the whole semester. But the new trip already begins. The stage belongs to the current people.

Thanks to all of you!

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